composite wood flooring board produced synonym

composite wood flooring board produced synonym

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accent colors: contrast colors used to spice up room schemes; a.f.f.: abbreviation for above finished floor. this is . the french definition of the word is "a small sideboard; a place to keep dishes... particle board: panels that are manufactured by bonding wood particles with synthetic resins under heat and pressure.

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provides a state-of-the-art consensus standard for testing and evaluating wood trusses designed and manufactured in accordance with ansi/tpi 1. architect. chase opening. rectangular opening in a floor or sloping flat truss for the purpose of running utilities through it such as heating and air conditioning ducts. check.

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comprehensive list of synonyms for building materials by macmillan dictionary and thesaurus.

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definition of board - a long thin flat piece of wood or other hard material used for floors or other building purposes a thin flat piece of wood or.

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define plywood: a structural material consisting of sheets of wood glued or cemented together with the grains of adjacent layers arranged at right…

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board definition: a board is a flat thin rectangular piece of wood or plastic which is used for a. | meaning . boards are long flat pieces of wood which are used for example to make floors or walls. the floor was. the hull of a sailboard usually made of plastic to which the mast is jointed and on which a windsurfer stands.

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board definition a piece of wood sawed thin and of considerable length and breadth compared with the thickness. see more. the play will go on the boards next week. the wooden fence surrounding the playing area of an ice-hockey rink. a racing course made of wood used especially in track meets held indoors:.

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jan 12 2010 . (1) between 1900 and 1930 formaldehyde-based resins became important adhesives for wood and wood composites. the first commercial particle board was produced during world war ii in bremen germany... wood-based composites laminate engineered flooring mdf particle board (247426).

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materials and products that make up the building or are permanently and semi-permanently installed in the project (e.g. flooring casework wall coverings).. synonyms: gross bulk generation.. such substances generally have much lower potential for atmospheric damage than manufactured chemical refrigerants.

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chapters of this handbook efficient durable and useful wood products produced from trees can range from a mini- mally processed log at a log-home building site to a highly processed and highly engineered wood composite manufac- tured in a large production facility. as with any resource we want to ensure that our raw.

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more words related to flooring. floor. noun. bottom of a room; level of a multistory building. basement · boards · canvas · carpet · cellar · deck · downstairs · flat · flooring · ground · landing · lowest point · mat · mezzanine · nadir · rug · stage · story · tier · upstairs.

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jun 27 2012 . common pitfalls - moisture• too wet: • swelling (and subsequent compression set) • lifting off the floor • telegraphing • tips up• too dry: • shrinking • cupping cupped floor usually caused by a wet subfloor • cracking • telegraphing; 47. engineered vs. solid wood flooring ¾” solid wood flooring 9/16”.

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synonyms for machine-made at with free online thesaurus antonyms and definitions. dictionary and word of the day.

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apr 25 2017 . particle board--also called chip board and flake board--is an engineered wood product that is made by binding together wood chips or flakes with an adhesive . particle boards are used for interior decorative paneling laminated veneers shelving stair treads furniture countertops doors floor decking.

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a board is a plank or surface sometimes having buttons or controls. you can cut vegetables on a cutting board post a flyer on a bulletin board or cause a power outage on a circuit board.

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metal polymer and ceramic materials can be used to manufacture parts of a geometry that often cannot be produced by any other manufacturing technology. the names of . cement concrete. wood is an example of a naturally occurring composite material. synonyms include: continuous-flow production. jit is a total.

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a term describing hardwood construction. engineered hardwood boards are manufactured from multiple layers – or plies – of wood assembled in a cross-ply construction. the top layer reveals the wood species and color when the planks are installed. due to its construction engineered hardwood is more dimensionally.